Typeright for German

Guten Tag, Typeright! 

We’re more than proud to share the news with you: Typeright is now fully available for German! Get all the tools and features you need to improve your German texts, messages, and essays. To find out more, continue reading!

About Typeright

When we first thought about the whole concept of Typeright, the idea has always been to give our users the perfect tool to improve their communication, overcome language barriers, and become more confident in their writing and texting. With iTranslate, we’ve already gathered the necessary expertise with the technology of Machine Learning and complex AI systems. So it was evident that we also used all the knowledge and experience in this field for Typeright (formerly known as “Grammatica”). And so we created an app that checked your English grammar, fixed spelling errors, suggested (contextual) synonyms, helped you with wording, and set the perfect tone for your texts and messages. 

But for us, and Typeright, perfecting everyone’s English isn’t enough. Our goal is to improve everyone’s communication – no matter the language. And this is why we’re so immensely proud to finally announce the release of Typeright for German, which is only just the beginning of Typeright’s “language repertoire.” 

German Features

Since there are several differences in English’s and German’s grammar, you might think that it might’ve been too much of a struggle to make all of Typeright’s features available for German. It wasn’t easy, that’s correct. German is one of the most challenging languages to learn because of its extensive and complicated grammar rules. We’re sure that every eager language learner trying to have a go at German would agree. Still, it’s just another reason for us to be proud of because we’ve made every single feature of Typeright available for German:

Grammar Check 

Avoid all the usual grammar mistakes beforehand. No matter if you’re writing an essay, an important email to your boss, or a social media post – we’ve got you covered! 

Punctuation Check 

Don’t let missing commas mess with your sentences. Instead, get your texts checked for any punctuation mistakes right away, and make sure your message gets conveyed as you intended.

Spelling Check 

Spelling mistakes can happen, especially with already tricky and complicated words. But our spell-checking feature automatically corrects your typos in a wink, leaving you with an impeccable message.

Synonym Suggestions 

Lost for words and tired of repeating yourself? Typeright’s synonym feature includes an impressive vocabulary that ensures your writing is as rich and lively as the story you want to tell.

Predictive Typing 

Typeright helps you save time by predicting the words you’re typing. The then-created suggestions are based on your message’s context and are easily applied with a single tap!

Personal Dictionary 

When your typo isn’t actually a typo, then the Personal Dictionary feature comes in quite handy. Easily add new words and create your own vocabulary!

Contextual Synonyms ✅

Synonyms make your writing more vibrant and compelling. But contextual synonyms are even more innovative and go one step further. Based on the context of your story or text, Typeright splits up its synonym suggestions into categories and lets you choose which one fits your writing best. So take your vocabulary to the next level and write with style.

Mood Detection 

Set the proper tone for your writing before starting the first sentence to make sure you get it right from the beginning. Typeright’s Mood Detector applies the specific grammar rules for your writing’s right mood – be it an informal text to a close friend, an essay for your next assignment at school, or drafting a new blog post. Don’t bother with formalities – Typeright transforms you into the confident writer you always aimed to be. 


When language translation meets writing assistance, you know that you just found a new power couple. You’re writing something in German (or English) but only know the next word or phrase in your native language. Stop wasting valuable time looking up the German (or English) translation – with Typeright’s translation feature, you’ll write like a native in no time.