What Is a Verb?

A “verb” is a word used to describe what someone or something is doing.

In other words, a “verb” describes an action or state of being. When you combine a noun with a verb, you can already build simple sentences. In a sentence, the noun becomes the subject. Every sentence needs a subject and a verb that tells us what the subject (the noun) does. Verbs are always placed after the subject.

Peter eats(Peter = subject | eats = verb)

The dogs are barking. (The dogs = subject | barking = verb)

I think. (I = subject | think = verb)

There are “Action Verbs” and “State-Of-Being Verbs.”

Action Verbs

“Action Verbs” describe an action of someone or something.

The cat sleeps.

The boy is reading a book.

The woman sings a song.

State-Of-Being Verbs

“State-Of-Being Verbs” describe the state or condition of the sentence’s subject.

I feel tired.

She likes coffee.

Peter is hungry.