What Is an Adjective?

An “adjective” is a word that describes someone or something. In other words, adjectives tell us more about nouns. If you forgot what “nouns” are, read the article about “nouns” here

In a sentence, the adjective often stands before the “object” (“object” = noun).

Peter loves green apples(apples = object | green = adjective)

The dog plays with the small toy. (toy = object | small = adjective)

I’ve read a new book. (book = object | new = adjective)

Adjectives also often stand after the “verb” in a sentence.

John is happy(John = subject | is = verb | happy = adjective)

The sky looks dark(The sky = subject | looks = verb | dark = adjective)

The shoes are expensive(The shows = subject | are = verb | expensive = adjective)

You can also use more than one adjective in a sentence.

The beautiful red dress.

There are green and yellow apples.

My grandmother is old and wise.